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Why have materials been removed from the National Curriculum website?

From the NC website: In the Schools white paper ‘The Importance of Teaching’ published on 22 November 2010 Ministers set out their plans to reduce the amount of guidance and materials offered to schools. They believe that schools should be free to use their own professional judgement about how they teach, without unnecessary prescription. We [...]

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Wikipedia Timeline of LGBT History

www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_LGBT_history This is a timeline of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) related history, starting from around the 10th millennium BC to present day.Contains dates many homophobic laws were made/repealed in various countries. From Key Stage 4 for students to navigate. Bits can be selected for use at lower key stages. Some use for all [...]

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KS5: Art – ‘Frida Kahlo Self-Portraits’

Frida Kahlo is regarded as one of the most significant artists of the twentieth century. Through the representation of her body she explored aspects of her autobiography, the construction of identity, female experience, gender boundaries and subverted stereotypical representations of women and their bodies in art. This lesson asks the learner to consider her body [...]

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LGBT History Month Toolkit – secondary

This document provides detailed information on how to  celebrate LGBT History Month in a secondary school. You can find lesson plans on page 10. They cover subjects such as English,  Media, Drama, History and Art. To download the toolkit please visit this page on the LGBT History Month website. For a more detailed analysis of [...]

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Research Ideas on Alan Turing

Prompt card to get you thinking about research work around Alan Turing as historical figure. Also ties in with any research work in ICT on history of the modern computer. This  was part of the Terrence Higgin’s Trust 2009 resource ‘Out in School’ which you can download here.

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