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LA Youth – articles by and about teens

LA Youth publish first-hand accounts of teens’ experiences with college stress, racial identity, homophobia, censorship, broken families and many more topics. We’ve provided links to some of their articles on LGBT youth which describe issues of race, LGBT parenting, hate crime and gay marriage. (more…)

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Lesson: When Did It Happen? (LGBT History Month)

Lesson Title: When Did It Happen? An LGBT History Month Lesson Age: KS2/3 Subject: History, Citizenship Overview: This activity provides a fun and interactive way to increase students’ understanding of LGBT history and raise awareness of LGBT people and their contributions in U.S. history. URL: (scroll down page) Country of Origin: US

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Bully Free Zone

Lesson Focus: Bully Free Zone for ‘No Name Calling Week’ Subject: Suitable for PSHE and Citizenship work Overview: This lesson helps students begin to think about what a school without name-calling and bullying might look and sound like. Students will engage in a guided fantasy activity on this topic, and will then extend their ideas […]

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LGBT History Month Toolkit – primary

This toolkit provides detailed information on how to celebrate LGBT History Month in a primary school.  To download the toolkit as well as further examples for celebrating the month in your school, please visit this page on the LGBT History Month website.

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keith haring

KS2: Art – ‘Keith Haring’

The differentiated objectives for this lesson, were devised by using the 2011 National Curriculum attainment targets for Art at Key Stage 2. In keeping with the style of Keith Haring’s work, this is a dynamic lesson which starts by asking the children to explore the movement and energy in Haring’s work physically. By creating his […]

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