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PHSE: Careers – join the crew or rock the boat?

This lesson can be used at both KS3 and KS4 levels. Tony Fenwick, CEO of Schools OUT UK talks about the difficulties of being out at work. This is a great example of a lesson that can be used to talk about any of the protected characteristics, using the starting point of being LGB or […]

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History: Section 28

This lesson is based around an interview with Sue Sanders, Chair of Schools OUT UK and founder of LGBT History Month UK. She talks about the events of 1988, and the major protests that were launched in the wake of the passing of this legislation, which was widely thought to be homophobic, by the then Government […]

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Geography: Demographics – why move to the city?

This lesson is based around the stories for John, Paul and Sally, who each describe their reasons for becoming involved with the Joyce Layland LGBT Youth Centre in Manchester. This lesson usualises and actualises LGB people Learning Objectives: LO1 Cultural understanding and diversity – a) Appreciating the differences and similarities between people, places, environments and […]

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English: Polari

This is a lesson about the ‘anti-language’ Polari. Polari is a slang used by gay men (predominantly) in the years before the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1967. This lesson usualises and actualises gay and bisexual men. Learning Objectives: LO1  Understanding and responding to what speakers say in formal and informal contexts LO2  Recognise different […]

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Geoff Hardy

Citizenship: Campaigning and Protest – A British Value?

This lesson is mostly based on interviews with Geoff Hardy and Tim Lucas, former members of The Gay Teachers Group (forerunner to Schools OUT UK) who describe the momentous events of the 1983 NUT Conference, which was held on Jersey. In the second part of the lesson, Myrtle Finley from the Proud Trust (then LGBT Youth […]

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