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English Biography

Lesson Title: Biography             Key Stage: 3                                                                Barbara Burford 1944–2010   Barbara Burford was a lifelong champion of equality and diversity in the health service and has directly inspired hundreds of health professionals and managers through her work. Throughout her career, Barbara worked closely with the NHS, government departments, minority groups and public sector organisations […]

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Task 2 - Magazine2

Stereotypes and the Media

Lesson Title:   Stereotypes and the Media Key Stage: 3/4                                                          National Curriculum Key Stage and Targets: (2.2g) Understand how audiences and readers choose and respond to texts (2.2m) […]

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Andy Conner Schoolpic

KS3 English – The ballad of David Peters – 4 Lessons

Andy Conner is a Birmingham-based poet and teacher. His work has featured in a range of publications and he has one anthology, ‘Red’ (Dynamic Press), published. A second collection is being prepared for publication. He is also the author of ‘Once’ (Dynamic Press), a teen fiction novel. Andy has a long track record as a […]

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English Lesson: Coronation Street Stereotypes

Lesson Title: Coronation Street (Stereotypes) Subject:English Overview: Learning objectives Get students to: • give individual responses to a written text (AT 1 and 2) • develop inference and deduction (AT 2) • understand more complex sentences (AT 3) • look at humour in writing (AT 1 and 2) • examine stereotypes (AT 1 and 2) […]

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Isn't it funny

KS3: English – Creating Effects in Poetry through the Use of Irony

  This lesson uses the medium of a simple poem which makes ironic references to people’s differences from each other and their differences from norms or stereotypes. Students are invited to read the poem and  think about its explicit and  implicit meanings and consider irony and its effects. Then they should think about and discuss […]

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