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Cross Curricular Ideas: Heteronormativity, Stereotypes and Myths

“These ideas could form the basis of lessons in Geography, Citizenship, Sociology, Science, [History] ICT or Media Studies – or be used as the basis for drama exercises. Hopefully these suggestions, and the others in this resource, will also inspire you to devise more lessons of your own.” This  was part of the Terrance Higgin’s […]

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BBC - Advice - Am I Gay?

BBC – Advice – Am I Gay?

It’s thought that one in every 10 people is gay. But knowing whether you are or not isn’t always simple to work out. For any of you who are feeling sexually confused, help is at hand… Am I Gay? from the BBC Radio 1- Advice website (more…)

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Rainbow Reading: Children’s books with lesbian and gay characters

Includes details of And Tango Makes Three and King & King & Family, books upon which two of our Schools OUT lessons is based.

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LA Youth – articles by and about teens

LA Youth publish first-hand accounts of teens’ experiences with college stress, racial identity, homophobia, censorship, broken families and many more topics. We’ve provided links to some of their articles on LGBT youth which describe issues of race, LGBT parenting, hate crime and gay marriage. (more…)

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Gay/Straight Alliances

Gay-Straight Alliances: Ground Zero for School Tolerance An article that provides information and tips, using case studies and quotes on how to create a Gay/Straight Alliance at your school. Not much mention of LB or T though we assume they are included Lesbians, Bis and Trans. American site. (more…)

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