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Trans websites

Very full list of Trans websites (mainly Canadian and American) but also some international.  Compiled by Pride Network. Download the list as a pdf.

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Testamony of a FTM trans gender student-

How do you feel your school deals with your transition? Fairly well. Especially considering it was an all girls’ school. I just said to call me Sam when they called me my birthname, and he when they called me she. Because I said it like you’d comment about the weather, they didn’t know what to […]

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DCSF 2009: Sexist, Sexual and Trans Bullying (Safe to Learn)

Guidance for schools on responding to sexist, sexual and Trans bullying from the DSCF. Safe to Learn is a Department for Education (formerly the Department for Children, Schools and Families, or DCSF) suite of guidance on that offers an overview of the role of schools in tackling bullying, and support and information to schools.As well […]

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'Tackling Homophobia, Creating Safer Spaces' Teaching Pack

‘Tackling Homophobia, Creating Safer Spaces’ Teaching Pack Factsheets, lesson plans and resources packed into an in-depth teaching pack from our main Schools OUT website. 20 Things A School can Do To Tackle Homophobia/Transphobia And Create Safer Spaces on page 16 offers practical advice to teachers and management. For a more detailed analysis of this teaching pack, please check out our grading […]

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KS3: Art – ‘Grayson Perry’

The differentiated objectives for this lesson were devised by using the 2011 National Curriculum attainment targets for Art at Key Stage 3. Turner Prize winner Grayson Perry makes ceramic pots, prints, hand-stitched quilts, and outrageous dress designs. He is best known for his pots. He says, ‘I like my ceramics because they’re wobbly and hand-made […]

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