KS1: Citizenship – ‘Same and Different’

As advised by the NC website, we have used the level descriptors, which accompany the new secondary curriculum for Citizenship. The KS1 framework does not include Citizenship attainment targets. These provided a helpful guide to progression and attainment when setting the lesson objectives. For more info on why we use attainment targets in planning see The VisiAble Method.

The lesson requires the use of the children’s book ‘Something Else’ by Kathryn Cave and illustrated by Chris Riddell.Learners are encouraged to think about how people are all different and that difference is something  to celebrate. Learners gain insight into what can happen when other people do not like a person’s difference through the main character in the book. It also teaches learners how to find commonalities in people by asking the right questions.This book was also part of the ‘No Outsiders’ project in the UK in 2009, which led research into addressing sexual orientation and in primary schools. Other lesson plans on our site that feature excellent children’s book that address LGBT issues are:

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(see plan for video reference)


This lesson usualises

There is no specific mention of LGBT in the  lesson plan, though the themes of ‘same’ and ‘difference’ lay the foundations to work about prejudice/discrimination.



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