PHSE: Visibility

Peter Bradley, former teacher and member of The Gay Teachers Group (forerunner of Schools OUT UK) speaks candidly about growing up as gay, coming out and the consequences of being outed. Together with Peter Cookson, Liam Mason and Gilston this lesson gives a great cross-generational view of living as ‘OUT’ LGB and T people.

This lesson usualises and actualises LGBT people.

Learning Objectives:

LO1 Learn to recognise their personal strengths and how this affects their self-confidence and self-esteem (KS3)
LO2 Understand the characteristics of mental and emotional health and strategies for managing it; to manage growth and change as normal parts of growing up (puberty, and the emotional changes of adolescence) (KS3)
LO3 Know about diversity in sexual attraction and developing sexuality, including sources of support and reassurance and how to access them (KS4)
LO4 Recognise the role peers can play in supporting one another (KS4)

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