History: Section 28

This lesson is based around an interview with Sue Sanders, Chair of Schools OUT UK and founder of LGBT History Month UK. She talks about the events of 1988, and the major protests that were launched in the wake of the passing of this legislation, which was widely thought to be homophobic, by the then Government of Mrs Margaret Thatcher

Also included is a short feature that reunites one of the lesbian protesters who famously invaded the BBC 6 o’clock news that year, with Nicholas Witchell, who was one of the presenters that night, along with Sue Lawley.

This lesson actualises LGB people.

Lesson Objectives:

LO1 – understand Section 28 and know something about the time it was introduced in Britain
LO2 – explain its effects and its place in a changing society
LO3 – evaluate its significance and relate it to other equalities laws and campaigns
Before the lesson ensure you have a safe learning environment: establish classroom rules for discussion activities as democratically as reasonably possible (pupils always respect rules and regulations if they have a part in deciding them). These are negotiable but respectful language; giving people space and time to speak; respecting each other’s confidentiality and the confidentiality of third parties such as friends and relatives must be among them. The rules should be observable to the whole class throughout the lesson.

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