Classroom Advice: Equality through sport

Sport has a crucial part to play in diversity/equality work. Too often gender stereotyping reinforces prejudices that support sexism and homophobia/transphobia. The Classroom recommends that you:

  • Consider obtaining training on the issues from

Pride Sports
The Equality Academy

  • Attend the LGBT History Month Pre Launch at the Oval on the 21st November 2011, where there will be sessions for teachers and sports organisations on inclusivity and tackling the issues.
  • Enable your students to be aware of the inappropriateness of homophobic and transphobic language always challenge such language yourself see The Classroom’s Questions Answered in Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity sections.
  • When working in a mixed sex school consider exploring mixed teams and avoid gender stereotyping i.e boys always doing football and girls always doing netball.
  • If working in a same sex environment consider introducing sports which are traditionally seen as the preserve of the opposite sex.
  • Know where there are local sports clubs that welcome LGBT young people (see Queery)
  • Plan what your school will do to celebrate LGBT History Month  (February 2012). The focus will be on sport in education and there will be many resources available to assist you on the website.