Union Endorsements for The Classroom

“The NASUWT has a clear and unequivocal commitment not only to tackle homophobia and homophobic bullying in schools, but to support our members in their work as professionals as they help build an inclusive and cohesive society which understands and respects diversity. This website and the resources embedded within it make a significant and valuable contribution towards that aim.”

Chris Keates
NASUWT: the largest teachers’ union in the UK 


‘School leaders have an important role to play in challenging homophobia in our schools. NAHT welcomes the work that Schools OUT is doing in providing advice and innovative resources to support schools in this area.’

Russell Hobby
General Secretary

National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) www.naht.org.uk


“The National Union of Teachers welcomes this fabulous collection of resources for teachers to use in the classroom. This one-stop-shop is a great aide for teachers, raising LGBT equality issues in a relevant and interconnected way across the whole school curriculum.”

Rachel Galea-Baker
Acting Principal Officer (Gender Equality)
Education and Equalities Department


“The TUC welcomes the Schools OUT initiative as an important step in promoting LGBT equality by providing the materials that school staff need for use in the classroom.”

Peter Purton
TUC LGBT officer


“UCU supports Schools Out and welcomes the exciting development of this website. Providing ready to use lesson plans at all stages of education enables teachers to engage fully in the advancing of sexual orientation and gender identity equality in the education sector. Not only does this connect with the duty to advance equality in accordance with the 2010 Equality Act, it also enables the campaign against homophobic bullying to be addressed directly in the classroom, this has knock on effect in education as an area of employment. Many discussions have been had over the years about how these equality areas can be addressed within the curriculum, these resources enable teachers to get ready access and also spark ideas about how further resources can be developed.

The Forum for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Equality in Post School Education welcomes this resource development from Schools Out. By covering all key stages in the curriculum teachers at all levels of education are enabled to participate in advancing equality. In Further Education the resources can be fully employed in the classroom. Higher Education benefits from having students who are more informed and aware of the diversity around them which these resources promote. The Forum commends these resources to all working in education and for the advancement of equality on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Seth Aiken