Early Years Foundation Stage

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Practice Guidance from the Early Years Foundation Stage (2008)

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From page 5
Meeting the diverse needs of children(Principles into Practice cards 1.2 2.1 )1.8 You must promote positive attitudes to diversity and difference within all children. In doing this you will help them to learn to value different aspects of their own and other people’s lives. This includes making sure that all children and families feel included, safe and valued; that all children and adults are treated as individuals and are not discriminated against; and that all children are listened to and respected.
1.9 Practitioners must plan for the needs of children from black and other minority ethnic backgrounds, including those learning English as an additional language, and for the needs of any children with learning difficulties or disabilities. Providers must actively avoid gender stereotyping (see Schools OUT Lessons ‘Colours’) and must challenge any expression of prejudice or discrimination, by children or adults.