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I just did an assembly for International Day Against Homophobia. The behaviour was appalling. Pupils were laughing and joking. How can I change a culture like this?

You can’t. Not through one assembly. How much work on IDAHO did you do before hand with the classes? Not just your class, but every class in the assembly that day. Did you alert other teachers to prepare their classes? And if you’re uncertain about how it’ll play out, an assembly maybe not the kind […]

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What subjects best suit ‘actualising’?

What subjects best suit ‘actualising’? Actualising  is found in lessons where the objectives are to have a greater understanding of LGBT identities/experiences, and their impact on people and culture. Subjects such as e.g. PSHE and Citizenship. Teachers who seek to actualise LGBT experience need to be knowledgeable about the particular LGBT aspect they are teaching. […]

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