Why Identity Matters

The website enables educators to make LGBT experience visible in The Classroom. However it is also important to understand LGBT in the wider context of greater diversity. LGBT people exist in all countries, times, ethnicities, ages, religions, and across gender. Telling their story connects us with the stories of many other identities and cultures. Understanding of diversity is crucial to our understanding of these identities and other cultures. Also our actions are affected by our identities. Understanding how they are formed and interact can help us to change our actions and reactions. This is vital in challenging prejudice and discrimination.


Because identity is a major theme here, we have split our site into 2 digestible sections. Each section covers answers to the questions below.  They were written to be read in chronological order.

1. Identification Needed

Why is an understanding of the impact of identity important to learners?

2. What the Rainbow Represents

How does knowledge and visibility of LGBT communities help learners to understand pluralism?