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KS5: Citizenship – ‘Perspective on LGB Rights’

Learners will be discussing a range of opinions in relation to homosexuality and the rights of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) people; in particular they will be thinking about homophobic bullying in schools and about ongoing debates concerning same-sex parenting and adoption. They will have previously considered things like the influence of the media on […]

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True Life: I’m Coming Out

This lesson pack plan offers a follow-up, debriefing, and discussion of the video. Additionally it provides a way to facilitate and extend the dialogue surrounding sexual orientation and gender/identity expression beyond the issue of coming out. N.B. This video is no longer available. However, transcripts of the video content are in the lesson plans and […]

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KS4: Citizenship – ‘International Human Rights’

This KS4 Citizenship lesson poses questions to learners after indepth research activities such as: Should our government ‘interfere’ with human rights policy on other countries? Should we enforce basic human rights in other countries? Should other countries be able to decide for themselves how they want their own people to be treated? Is it acceptable […]

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