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LGBT+ Objects

LGBT+ Objects showcases material from across UK museums which reveals the diversity of ideas about gender and sexuality throughout world history, together with free lesson ideas for using each object as the basis of LGBT+ focused discussions with young people (in PSHE, RSE, other school subjects or out-of-school youth activities). The resources were developed by the […]

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12+ Lessons on Homophobia/Gender Stereotypes

Lesson Focus: Over 12 lesson plans on homophobia and gender stereotypes. Subject: Suitable for PSHE and Citizenship work Key Stage:2/3 Lesson Planet: Search Engine for Teachers. Lesson plans here URL: http://www.lessonplanet.com/search?keywords=homophobia&type_id%5b%5d=1 Country of origin: America Misc: You can access the lesson plans only if you sign up. The site is free for 10 days.

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True Life: I’m Coming Out

This lesson pack plan offers a follow-up, debriefing, and discussion of the video. Additionally it provides a way to facilitate and extend the dialogue surrounding sexual orientation and gender/identity expression beyond the issue of coming out. N.B. This video is no longer available. However, transcripts of the video content are in the lesson plans and […]

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Bully Free Zone

Lesson Focus: Bully Free Zone for ‘No Name Calling Week’ Subject: Suitable for PSHE and Citizenship work Overview: This lesson helps students begin to think about what a school without name-calling and bullying might look and sound like. Students will engage in a guided fantasy activity on this topic, and will then extend their ideas […]

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KS1: PSHE – ‘What Is Bullying? What Should We Do About It?’

(There is no attainment target for PSHE so we have used end of key stage statements have been developed to help teachers assess progress). This lesson for KS1 children looks at developing good relationships and respecting the differences between people. It teaches learners that there are different types of teasing and bullying, that bullying is […]

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