KS1: PSHE – ‘What Is Bullying? What Should We Do About It?’

(There is no attainment target for PSHE so we have used end of key stage statements have been developed to help teachers assess progress).

This lesson for KS1 children looks at developing good relationships and respecting the differences between people. It teaches learners that there are different types of teasing and bullying, that bullying is wrong, and how children can get get help to deal with bullying. The people depicted in the pdf scenarios are reflective of differences we see in contemporary Britain. As such, some scenarios may seem less relevant to your geographical location but it is important that all the cards are used to teach about different kinds of bullying e.g. racist and homophobic.

The cards attached should be printed out and used for this lesson. The line drawings on the images appear faint on the computer, but will print out to be visible.

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