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KS4 – PSHE – Omar: Young, Gifted and Gay 2 Part 2

This lesson follows on from the previous lesson and shows the fim that we were building towards in part 1. It’s about challenging norms and stereotypes, particularly around gender, particularly with regard to the negative, prejudiced and anti-social behaviours to which they lead. The purpose is to help pupils understand how breaking away from peer-led […]

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KS1: English – ‘King & King & Family’

The differentiated objectives for this lesson were devised by using the 2011 NC attainment target 2 for English Reading (Eng2) at Key Stage 1 (see italics in Teaching and Learning Objectives). The themes of family and travel are explored in this lesson based on children’s book ‘King & King & Family’ by Linda De Haan […]

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A Day In Hand

KS3: PSHE – ‘All Relationships? All Equal?’

This lesson can cover different types of relationships, including those within families and between older and young people, boys and girls, and people of the same sex, including civil partnerships. It also provides scope in future lessons to cover the similarities, differences and diversity among people of different race, culture, ability, disability, gender, age and […]

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EYFS: PSE ‘All Kinds of Family are Special’

(Objectives for this lesson were set from the Early Learning Goals – Personal and Social  Education (PSE)) – archived content By the end of the lesson: All students will have a developing respect for their own cultures and beliefs and those of other people e.g. must know that all families are different Most students will respond to significant […]

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