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LGBT+ Objects

LGBT+ Objects showcases material from across UK museums which reveals the diversity of ideas about gender and sexuality throughout world history, together with free lesson ideas for using each object as the basis of LGBT+ focused discussions with young people (in PSHE, RSE, other school subjects or out-of-school youth activities). The resources were developed by the […]

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DfES 2004: SRE Education (Schools’ Responsibilities)

This factsheet clarified for schools their responsibilities for addressing sex and sexuality within Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) following the repeal of ‘Section 28’. Although Section 28 did not apply to schools, it caused confusion over what could be taught about sexual orientation. In 2004 the factsheet reminded schools of what the Government’s Sex and […]

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KS4: SRE – ‘All Kinds of People, All Kinds of Sex’

We know from working with schools that many teachers find the idea of an SRE lesson that discusses LGBT sex to be very intimidating. Teachers are worried about getting it wrong or making assumptions that such a session is needed.  This lesson is designed to be very simple to deliver, and to require very minimal […]

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