Welcome to The Classroom

When I was five years old

My Mom told me that

happiness was the key to life

when I went to school they asked me

what I wanted to be when I grew up?

I wrote down “happy”

they told me I didn’t understand the assignment

and I told them they didn’t understand life


Welcome friends, teachers, students, parents and practitioners. Thank you for taking the time to visit. The site has been created for you and for the learners in your life. The Classroom website offers you a series of lesson plans to enable you to include the LGBT experience through a variety of lesson plans in all key stages. It also presents a simple but effective method to enable you to be an inclusive practitioner and promoter of equality and diversity.

As teachers and activists, we’ve found that sometimes you really have to shout to get your message heard. One of Schools OUT UK’s biggest – and most urgent – shOUTs, was of a then unknown concept that seemed to find connection in the post section 28 milieu of 2004. We believed LGBT History Month could change the educational landscape of equalities education. Now it has become an institution, going from strength to strength, with over 1000 events nationwide. OUTing the Past, the LGBT History Festival, followed on from this success in 2014 so we are now in the process of actively disinterring our LGBT histories and educating people about our past.

New for 2018 – Stonewall’s Inclusive Curriculum Guide features an inclusive lesson idea for 12 subjects across the curriculum.