How To Do It

Here you’ll find details of how we have devised our Schools OUT lessons. We will define our teaching methods and hope to illustrate why we believe they are effective and user-friendly for every teacher, no matterwhat their subject.

In ‘Goodbye to the ‘Gay’ Lesson’ we pay a not-so-fond farewell to the old way some schools dealt with LGBT issues. We explain why, as a result of groundbreaking work teachers undertook in the last 10 years, the Schools OUT Classroom offers a new perspective and the next step in equality education.

This section also makes clear how we’ve applied our method of increasing LGBT visibility to the structure and content of each lesson. We call this ‘Usualising’ and ‘Actualising’.

We reiterate why cross curricular links are so important to the idea of ‘usualising’ LGBT culture and challenging discrimination.

Details on how the lessons will help you and what not to expect. Also we explain the reason we have linked to attainment targets.