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KS4 English – Shakespeare, Sonnets and Sexuality

Lesson Title: Shakespeare, Sonnets and Sexuality Subject: English Key Stage: 4 Date: 2020 Author: Paul Edmonson Download below KS4 English – Shakespeare’s Sonnets (you’ll need to unzip the file once downloaded by right clicking and selecting ‘extract all’)

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NO OUTSIDERS IN OUR SCHOOLS Teaching the Equality Act in Primary Schools & RECLAIMING RADICAL IDEAS IN SCHOOLS Preparing Young Children for Life in Modern Britain By Andrew Moffat

Given the controversy over Andrew’s work in Parkview School I thought it was wise for Schools OUT UK to review his books and explore his work. Andrew and I have known each other for many years as I was a consultant on the original No Outsiders project started by Dr. Elizabeth Atkins in 2006. Andrew […]

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Poetry & Music lyrics analysis

Lesson Title: Poetry/Music lyrics analysis              Key Stage: 4 National Curriculum Key Stage and Targets: (2.2b) Understand how meaning is constructed within sentences and across texts as a whole. (2.2g) Relate texts to their social and historical contexts and to the literary traditions of which they are a part. Cross-Curricular Elements: History – timeline of events […]

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Persuasive – Argumentative devices

Lesson Title: Persuasive/Argumentative devices                              Key Stage: 3                                             National Curriculum Key Stage and Targets: (2.2 j, l+m) How texts are crafted to shape meaning and produce particular effects. How writers’ uses of language and rhetorical, grammatical and literary 
features influence the reader. How writers present ideas and issues to have an impact […]

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PowerPoint-Quiet Kid

CREATING EMPATHY THROUGH RHETORICAL QUESTIONS (by studying the poem ‘Quiet Kid’) – 2 Lessons

Lesson Title: CREATING EMPATHY THROUGH RHETORICAL QUESTIONS (by studying the poem ‘Quiet Kid’)                        National Curriculum Key Stage: KS4   National Curriculum Targets: 2.1 h. Listen with sensitivity, judging when intervention is appropriate. 2.1 j. Work purposefully in groups, negotiating and building on the contributions of others to complete tasks or reach consensus. 2.2 c. Recognise […]

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