How Will They Help Me?

Our lessons will:

  1. Demonstrate how our teaching methods ‘actualising’ and ‘usualising’ look in work in practice.
  2. Show how every subject can easily use LGBT experience
  3. Enable you to plan similar lessons so that the works becomes sustainable.
  4. Inspire you to develop new activities.
  5. Model correct language and effective questioning.

Feel free to chop cut adapt and amend the lessons as you see fit for your class. You might decide that you like the structure of an activity but feel the topic is too advanced for your learners. Your lessons may be longer or shorter than an hour. Make your own judgments about how you can extend or shorten ours. The accompanying PowerPoints do not contain animation though we recognise that this will engage many learners. Add as you like.

Please don’t forget to comment on them. Your experiences are vital. Your ideas and adaptations will help others.

More lessons will be added from time to time. If you have any suggestions for lessons or topics or require further advice on their delivery please email us