English: Polari

This is a lesson about the ‘anti-language’ Polari. Polari is a slang used by gay men (predominantly) in the years before the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1967.

This lesson usualises and actualises gay and bisexual men.

Learning Objectives:

LO1  Understanding and responding to what speakers say in formal and informal contexts

LO2  Recognise different conventions and forms in speech

LO3  Broaden their experience of a wide range of texts and express preferences and opinions

LO4  Develop an informed understanding of how ideas, experiences and values are portrayed in different cultures

LO5  Exploring language variation and development according to history, place, culture, society

LO6  Consider how and why spoken English varies in a range of cultural contexts

Before the lesson ensure you have a safe learning environment: establish classroom rules for discussion activities as democratically as reasonably possible (pupils always respect rules and regulations if they have a part in deciding them). These are negotiable but respectful language; giving people space and time to speak; respecting each other’s confidentiality and the confidentiality of third parties such as friends and relatives must be among them. The rules should be observable to the whole class throughout the lesson.

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