PHSE: Careers – join the crew or rock the boat?

This lesson can be used at both KS3 and KS4 levels. Tony Fenwick, CEO of Schools OUT UK talks about the difficulties of being out at work. This is a great example of a lesson that can be used to talk about any of the protected characteristics, using the starting point of being LGB or T.

This lesson usualises LGBT people and actualises gay and bisexual men

Learning Objectives:

LO1 Learn diversity among different races, cultures, abilities, disabilities, gender, age and sexual orientation and the impact of stereotyping (inc. LGBT ) prejudice, bullying, discrimination on individuals (KS3)

LO2 Learn about the unacceptability of discrimination, and the need to challenge it in the workplace (KS4)

LO3 Learn how to respond when being discriminated against and their responsibilities towards others experiencing discrimination (KS3)

LO4 Learn about harassment and how to manage this (including the workplace) (KS4)

LO5 Learn about confidentiality in the workplace, when it should be kept and when it might need to be broken (KS4)

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