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KS2-PSHE Internalised Discrimination 1

This lesson, based on a song by Sam Smith about unrequited love, is part of two lessons based on pressure to conform to sex and gender stereotypes. The song’s lyrics describe how a man cannot declare his true feelings for his friend and the lesson activities are designed to explore his fears and where those […]

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intersectionality 2

KS3-PSHE Intersectionality

This lesson looks at different identities and discrimination based in different or multiple identities. Using examples from the Voices and Visibility wallchart, the lesson asked students to find out about people who belong to more than one protected characteristic and encourages them to understand intersectionality.

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KS3 – PSHE – Internalised discrimination

Using case studies as examples, this lesson explores how stereotypes cause discrimination and causes people who don’t conform to expected norms can suffer from internalised discrimination.

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Breaking the Binary

PSHE – Breaking the Binary

This lesson builds on work already covered in KS3 on gender. It introduces pupils to non-binary identities and the pronouns some people prefer to identify themselves by, whilst reminding them that identity is personal and it is your choice as to how you identify.

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PSHE – I’ve Always Wanted to Know…

This is the 2nd lesson in the PSHE series designed to eradicate homophobic, biphobic and transphobic (HBT) bullying in schools. Following up on the terminology given learned in lesson 1, this uses a FAQs format and an answer sheet to discuss terms and demonstrate how some terms are unacceptable and change over time. It also […]

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