How do I use Schools OUT lessons for APP (Assessing Pupils Progress)?

We list objectives that cover at least 3 levels in your subject and key stage. This will be familiar to many teachers as the All pupils, Some pupils and Most pupils format.  Formative assessment is crucial when delivering this work.   We believe assessment for learning (through use of attainment targets to measure progress) is the most practical and accurate means of formative assessment. It also makes for adaptable teaching, and flexible planning which meets the needs of accelerated learners and/or those learners who are not progressing at the expected rate.

A series of lessons which test the same objective is needed before any assessment can be confirmed. Some pupils may show evidence of attainment above their level, e.g. a KS3 Level 5 pupil in Geography may attain the Level 5 objective and the Level 6 objective in our Geography lesson “Faces of Places”. However this will not provide sufficient evidence that the pupil is Level 6 and further lessons would need to be delivered to show evidence of consolidated learning. Conversely a Level 5 child in the same lesson may not attain Level 5. LGBT as a subject matter might be new, distracting material (if the delivery is not right) and pupils’ responses may vary as a result. Pupils who identify as LGB or T or pupils who are perceived as LGB or T may also show lower than expected attainment if they believe demonstrating knowledge of subject might ‘out’ or draw unwanted attention to them.