English Lesson: Coronation Street Stereotypes

Lesson Title: Coronation Street (Stereotypes)


Overview: Learning objectives
Get students to:
• give individual responses to a written text (AT 1 and 2)
• develop inference and deduction (AT 2)
• understand more complex sentences (AT 3)
• look at humour in writing (AT 1 and 2)
• examine stereotypes (AT 1 and 2)
• link stereotypes with prejudice (AT 1)

Key Stage:3/4.  Although written for KS4 it is appropriate for KS3 (Level 5 +)

Country of origin: UK

Date: 2009

Misc:This lesson was part of the Terrance Higgin’s Trust 2009 resource ‘Out in School’.  This individual lesson with worksheets is on page 21 below.