LGBT Youth Scotland

Really useful website containing lesson plans, research and a toolkit that enables teachers to deal with homophobic bullying. The toolkit has been developed by LGBT Youth Scotland, the national youth organisation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) young people in partnership with LTS and funded by the Scottish Government. It is based on research with teachers, education authority staff and young people.

For a detailed analysis of this site’s lesson plans,  their functionality and usefulness please see our grading table with notes below.


Best Fit for Usage: KS4 Sixth Form Absolutely true Almost true Somewhat true Not really Not at all
No other resources needed 1
No expertise in LGB T issues needed
LGBT inclusive 2
Other equalities strands 3
No subject knowledge needed (where relevant)
User friendly 4
Accessible to students at any level 5
Clear, measurable outcomes 6
Follow up opportunities
Differentiated 7
Clear time frames
Good one-offs 8
Cross-curricular opportunities
Potential for usage in other Key Stages: Could easily be adapted for use in KS3


  1. Comes as a pdf.  Most plans need basic resources; such as paper, pens and scissors. There is always a clear list of these additional resources on each plan.
  2. Clear L and G.  It is good to see a positive scenario developed for B. T are mentioned but not developed in scenarios.
  3. Holocaust victims and victims of religious hatred are highlighted.
  4. They are very concise, step by step plans.
  5. They are language and comprehension appropriate for the age groups they were developed for.
  6. Outcomes are always clear and achievable.
  7. Differentiation is by outcome and would need some consideration if your class/group has broad learning needs. Learning style is also predominantly discussion.
  8. This is clearly designed to be a sequence of lessons and therefore, although elements of a lesson might be lifted out for use, would be best delivered as a series of lessons.
  9. Clearly signposted links to English, Citizenship, Religious Education, Social studies and Health Education.