LGBT History Month 2014: Music – Faces of 14 Resources

The theme for History Month 2014 is Music.

To cover the LGBT range we have four ‘faces’ from the field of music – lesbian composer and suffragette Dame Ethel Smyth, gay classical composer Lord Benjamin Britten (whose centenery is being marked in 2013); bisexual blues singer Bessie Smith, and trans TV and film music composer Angela Morley.

For ideas for LGBT History Month generally:


We’ve added some links on all four Faces of 14 in order for schools and other organisations to research whatever projects they are planning to mark LGBT History Month next February.

Ethel Smyth

Benjamin Britten

Bessie Smith

Angela Morley



Additionally, here are some sites that look at LGBT musicians generally:


If you are planning an event, please mark it on the LGBT HM Calendar (firefox/googlechrome required):

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