KS3 English – The ballad of David Peters – 4 Lessons

Andy Conner is a Birmingham-based poet and teacher.

His work has featured in a range of publications and he has one anthology, ‘Red’ (Dynamic Press), published. A second collection is being prepared for publication. He is also the author of ‘Once’ (Dynamic Press), a teen fiction novel. Andy has a long track record as a performance poet, with many appearances both in the West Midlands region and nationally. His work has also featured on Radio 4’s ‘Poetry Please’. Andy is a supply teacher of English, working both in primary and secondary schools in the West Midlands. Openly gay in all aspects of his life, Andy’s work reflects a commitment to equal opportunities and to challenging all forms of bullying, including homophobic bullying. Andy’s work presents this challenge fromthe perspective of using poetry to empower young people to open their minds and become actively engaged in enhancing their self-esteem and self-belief as positive contributors to society.


Lesson 1 : Using Adjectives to Develop Characters (by studying the poem ‘The Ballad of David Peters )                

Lesson 2 : Giving Reasons

Lesson 3 : Inference and Tone

Lesson 4 :Exploring Differing perspectives


This lesson Usualises and Actualises (Icons link to further information)



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