SRE: B is for Boys and Binary, G is for Girls and Gender

This lesson features the ‘Luton homophobia’ incident filmed by the then BBC 3 Counties Radio DJ Iain Lee in January 2015. Iain and another DJ from the station, Justin Deeley, walked hand-in-hand through the centre of Luton in an experiment to gauge public reaction. They were shocked by the negativity shown buy people -particularly young people – around them.

Liam Mason, Sally Carr and Amelia Lee from The Proud Trust (formerly LGBT Youth North West) put forward their thoughts on how the streets can be made safer for LGBT people.

This lesson usualises and actualises LGBT people.

Learning Objectives:

LO1 Be tolerant of the diversity of personal, social and sexual preference in relationships (KS3)

LO2 Recognise the need for commitment, trust and love in meaningful relationships which may manifest themselves in a variety of forms (KS3)

LO3 How their own identity is influenced by their personal values, those of their family and of society (KS4)

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