SRE: Relationships

In this lesson Peter Tatchell sets out his vision for a school system that truly values equality and diversity. The idea of Gay-Straight Alliances is looked at. It also explores the story of how a gay couple, John and Corral, met in the 1970s.

This lesson usualises and actualises LGB people.

Learning Objectives:

LO1 See the complexity of moral, social and cultural issues and be able to form a view of their own

LO2 How good relationships can promote mental wellbeing (KS3)

LO3 The importance of respecting differences in relation to gender and sexuality (KS3)

LO4 Have the confidence to assert themselves and challenge offending behavior (KS4)

LO5 Work co-operatively with a range of people who are different from themselves (KS4)

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