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History: Section 28

This lesson is based around an interview with Sue Sanders, Chair of Schools OUT UK and founder of LGBT History Month UK. She talks about the events of 1988, and the major protests that were launched in the wake of the passing of this legislation, which was widely thought to be homophobic, by the then Government […]

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KS3: History – ‘Hidden Histories’

Over the last fifty years the study of the past has begun to look at people from groups not previously given much attention by historians, including: •  Women’s History • Working people’s History • Black History • Native American History • Non-Christian History • LGBT History This lesson ask learners to consider why the history […]

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nazi labels

KS4: History – ‘Why Do We Label?’

A historical investigation into the stereotyping or labeling of human beings using the example of Nazi Germany.

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Anne Lister

KS2: History – ‘Codes with Anne Lister’

The differentiated objectives for this lesson were devised by using the 2011 National Curriculum attainment targets for History at Key Stage 2. Pupils learn about Anne Lister, a lesbian who lived in Victorian times who wrote her personal diary in code. A brief biography of who she was is shown to the children before asking […]

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