SEN: PSHE SRE – ‘Who Do You Love?’

The differentiated objectives for this lesson, were devised by using PIVATS PSHE level descriptors for Levels P8, 1 and 2.

This lesson from an SEN Sex and Relationships module asks learners to consider important loved ones in their life, and uses a multitude of relationships to model the concept of love. The attached PowerPoint is particularly useful for children with MLD and SLD as it portrays several different families and relationships in a bold and colourful format. Slides from this PowerPoint can be printed and used in the lesson.

P8 Pupils join in a range of activities in one-to-one situations and in small or large groups. They follow through new tasks.

Level 1 Know that family and friends should care for each other

Level 2 Students begin to learn about their own and other people’s feelings and become aware of different types of families.

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