KS4: Geography – ‘The Faces of Places’

The Lost Identity Land by Marcin Reznik, www.speloona.com

This is planned as a Key Stage 4 Geography lesson but it could easily be adapted for Key Stages 2/3. It asks learners: “Do places have identities?”.

Learners are shown a series of photographs from major geographical locations then they are asked to identify the place, and list describing factors they think most represent that place.

Images of a pre-9/11 New York are used with Twin Towers, and a windswept panorama of a peaceful Afghanistan, without any signs of war.

Learners are asked to consider what makes a place memorable and whether some places will always be remembered for specific events.

This lesson connects with work on diversity and identity, and develops the idea that characteristics of a place/person contribute to its identity. LGBT culture is referenced in a case study of San Francisco, which students must compare/contrast with London. This is an example of challenging prejudice through ‘usualising’. See: The VisiAble Method.

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