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Geography: Demographics – why move to the city?

This lesson is based around the stories for John, Paul and Sally, who each describe their reasons for becoming involved with the Joyce Layland LGBT Youth Centre in Manchester. This lesson usualises and actualises LGB people Learning Objectives: LO1 Cultural understanding and diversity – a) Appreciating the differences and similarities between people, places, environments and […]

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The Lost Identity Land by Marcin Reznik,

KS4: Geography – ‘The Faces of Places’

This is planned as a Key Stage 4 Geography lesson but it could easily be adapted for Key Stages 2/3. It asks learners: “Do places have identities?”. Learners are shown a series of photographs from major geographical locations then they are asked to identify the place, and list describing factors they think most represent that […]

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SEN: Geography – ‘Flags’

In this lesson for learners with SEN, we look at the many different types of flags around the world. Learners understand that flags do not just represent countries but also communities and organisations. Learners explore 3 individual flags (union jack, rainbow flag, and the Olympic flag) and present their findings according to ability back to […]

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