EYFS: Knowledge and Understanding of the World- ‘Colours’

The Learning Objectives for this lesson were set by from the guidance: Early Learning Goals Knowledge and Understanding of the World. This is currently archived content from the Department of Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) site, as the current government is introducing a new curriculum to be implemented in September 2014.

Learners in Early Years and Foundation Stage are encouraged to explore the world of colours by comparing colour photos to black and white photos, and (for more able students) begin to recognise blue as a colour often ascribed to boys and pink to girls. Though the lesson doesn’t use the language of gender stereotypes with the children, this early years work around challenging gender identity will lay the foundations for children to break gender stereotypes in later childhood.


All students must investigate objects and materials by using their sight e.g. identify colours by name and choose a favourite colour.
Most students
should look closely at objects with similar and different colours.
Some students could ask questions about why things happen e.g. recognise the meaning of colours in everyday usage (red for danger). Be aware how colour consider how colour can be used to differentiate genders (boys-blue, girl-pink)





This lesson usualises and actualises

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