LGF 2005: Guide to Civil Partnerships

Lesbian and Gay Foundation: Guide to Civil Partnerships

The Civil Partnership Act became law in November 2004 and was effective from 5 December 2005. The first ceremonies took place on 21 December 2005.

View the guide here.
The Lesbian and Gay Foundation produced 15,000 copies of the first edition of our Guide to Civil Partnerships in late 2005. It was such a huge success that they decided to reprint and update it in 2007 in association with O’Neill Patient Solicitors because we simply ran out of copies.

Potential for usage in other Key Stages 3&4, can be adapted for KS2. Useful in Citizenship and RE.

For a detailed analysis of this site,  its functionality and usefulness please see our grading table with notes below.


Best fit for Usage: KS3 and 4 Absolutely true Almost true Somewhat true Not really Not at all
No other resources needed
No expertise in LGB T issues needed
No subject knowledge needed (where relevant)
Accessible at any level 1
Detailed 2
User friendly 3
Useful links
Fit for purpose 4
Covers all L,G,B and T 5
Answers questions i.e.FAQS 6
Authoritative 7


  1. Informal, but demands good adult reading skills
  2. It is an at-a-glance guide and is deliberately brief
  3. Informal style; easy to use. Clear contents page
  4. The opening page has a host of negatives about LGB people, which some may find off-putting
  5. Not T, because of the subject matter; civil partnerships. Explicitly mentions lesbians and gays, but not bisexuals
  6. In the style of a FAQs sheet
  7. Legal aspects covered by solicitors

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