English Biography

Lesson Title: Biography             Key Stage: 3                                                              

 Barbara Burford 1944–2010


Barbara Burford was a lifelong champion of equality and diversity in the health service and has directly inspired hundreds of health professionals and managers through her work. Throughout her career, Barbara worked closely with the NHS, government departments, minority groups and public sector organisations to raise the profile of equality and diversity in the NHS. She was presented with an honorary doctorate in 2001 from Middlesex University in North London, in recognition of her national achievements in the equality and diversity field.


National Curriculum Key Stage and Targets: (2.2a) Extract and interpret information, events, main points and ideas from texts. (2.2e) Assess the usefulness of texts, sift the relevant from the irrelevant and distinguish between fact and opinion

Cross-Curricular Elements: History – timeline of events in history

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Recording from the ICA including Atalla Jane, Burford Barbara, Kay Jackie, Pearse Gabriella http://sounds.bl.uk/Arts-literature-and-performance/ICA-talks/024M-C0095X0151XX-0100V0#_ http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/318421.A_Dangerous_Knowing http://www.theguardian.com/society/2010/may/26/barbara-burford-obituary


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