Stereotypes and the Media

Lesson Title:   Stereotypes and the Media Key Stage: 3/4                                                         

National Curriculum Key Stage and Targets: (2.2g) Understand how audiences and readers choose and respond to texts (2.2m) how writers present ideas and issues to have an impact on the reader

Cross-Curricular Elements: English language, Media, PSHE, Graphic design

Further Learning Opportunities: Magazine project trying to create ‘stereotype free’ features



This lesson Usualises and Actualises (Icons link to further information)

Before the lesson ensure you have a safe learning environment: establish classroom rules for discussion activities as democratically as reasonably possible (pupils always respect rules and regulations if they have a part in deciding them). These are negotiable but respectful language; giving people space and time to speak; respecting each other’s confidentiality and the confidentiality of third parties such as friends and relatives must be among them. The rules should be observable to the whole class throughout the lesson.



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