Gender Variance Lesson Plan

Lesson Title:

Gender Variance


KS5 (Could be adapted for KS4)


History, Citizenship


“The objective of this lesson plan is to teach students about the diversity of human sex and gender– both in terms of physically observable variations outside of a simple “Male – Female” model, and in terms of the many ways in which human beings experience and express their identities through concepts of “maleness” and “femaleness”.This knowledge then becomes the basis for discovering and understanding the way in which the lives of such people are allowed or
disallowed by different cultures.” Christine Burns – author


Country of Origin: UK


This lesson contains a wealth of information on Trans history included historical Trans figures, background reading, popular culture references and links to documentaries.

A useful resource to accompany this lesson is the film ‘From Lucas to Luus’ in Dutch with English subtitles. This film is available with a separate lesson plan on the Rainbow Resource Pack  DVD which you can order for free from Schools OUT. It is also accessible on YouTube




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