LGBT History Month

Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) History Month

Our sister project has a brand new site full of resources that can be used directly in classes. Each year more resources are added to the web site in relation to that Year’s themes and activities. The site should be seen as a practical repository for LGBT education and history.

For a detailed analysis of this site’s lesson plans,  their functionality and usefulness please see our grading table with notes below.


Web Address: Absolutely true Almost true Somewhat true Not really Not at all
Use of Site
No expertise in LGB T issues needed
LGBT inclusive √1
Other equalities strands √2
Authoritative √3
Useful links to other sites √4
User friendly/ easy to navigate √5
Accessible at any level
Education Materials The Teaching Resources Section contains resource lists and lesson plans that cover KS2/3/4 with such topics as;- -          Name Calling -          Teasing and Bullying, what’s the difference? -          Poem Comparison -          Sonnets Lesson - +  Amnesty Internationals Educational Activities for LGBT HistoryMonth
Teacher Materials
Lesson Plan
Materials easy to use √6
Follow up opportunities √7
Clear time frames
Good one-offs √8
Cross-curricular opportunities


  1. Good spread of materials to celebrate LGB and T issues, although sometimes you have to hunt to find them.  Some sections, such as Sport, are more comprehensive than other ones.
  2. Links into Disability, Race, Age and Religion/Spirituality
  3. Most information is up to 2006, although Sport is more recent.
  4. Clear and generally current links into other useful sites, well organised into clear categories.
  5. A bright site, with many excellent picture resources and images. Second level action buttons are on the left side, but can be a little small for partially sighted users.
  6. Lesson plans are in a variety of formats and need to be considered before usage.
  7. As 6
  8. As 6