The purpose of this site is to inform and give legal guidance to its teaching staff members. It signposts Stonewalls work on anti-bullying.

For a detailed analysis of this site,  its functionality and usefulness please see our grading table with notes below.


Web Address: www.teachers.org.uk -          Members support -          Members Groups -          LGBT Members Absolutely true Almost true Somewhat true Not really Not at all
Use of Site
No expertise in LGB T issues needed √1
LGBT inclusive √2
Other equalities strands √3
Authoritative √4
User friendly/easy to navigate
Accessible at any level
Useful links to other sites
Education Materials
Teaching Materials
Lesson Plans
Materials easy to use
Follow up opportunities
Clear time frames
Good one-offs
Cross-curricular opportunities


  1. None needed as these documents are designed to inform and support the Union’s LGBT Members
  2. Good coverage of L and G. Some referencing to T but not to B.
  3. Other members groups include; Youth, Women, Black, Disabled and Retired Members.
  4. Some of the documentations is old, dating back to 2003 and therefore does not contain current equalities legislation.