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Stereotypes and the Media

Lesson Title:   Stereotypes and the Media Key Stage: 3/4                                                          National Curriculum Key Stage and Targets: (2.2g) Understand how audiences and readers choose and respond to texts (2.2m) […]

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Andy Conner Schoolpic

KS3 English – The ballad of David Peters – 4 Lessons

Andy Conner is a Birmingham-based poet and teacher. His work has featured in a range of publications and he has one anthology, ‘Red’ (Dynamic Press), published. A second collection is being prepared for publication. He is also the author of ‘Once’ (Dynamic Press), a teen fiction novel. Andy has a long track record as a […]

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mrs. tiresias

KS4: English – ‘Mrs Tiresias’

Mrs Tiresias is a poem from The World’s Wife selection written by Carol Ann Duffy and published in 1999. It uses a Greek myth to explore ideas about gender and sexual orientation.

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KS1: English – ‘King & King & Family’

The differentiated objectives for this lesson were devised by using the 2011 NC attainment target 2 for English Reading (Eng2) at Key Stage 1 (see italics in Teaching and Learning Objectives). The themes of family and travel are explored in this lesson based on children’s book ‘King & King & Family’ by Linda De Haan […]

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Book Cover

KS2: English – ‘The Boy in the Dress’

The differentiated objectives for this lesson were devised by using the 2011 National Curriculum attainment targets for English Reading at Key Stage 2. Ideas to follow work around ‘The Boy In The Dress’ by David Walliams. The lesson covers themes of prejudice, gender stereotypes and homophobic bullying. The main activity of this lesson is to […]

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