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BBC - Advice - Am I Gay?

BBC – Advice – Am I Gay?

It’s thought that one in every 10 people is gay. But knowing whether you are or not isn’t always simple to work out. For any of you who are feeling sexually confused, help is at hand… Am I Gay? from the BBC Radio 1- Advice website (more…)

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Resource for Lesbians coming out

“I think I might be a lesbian. What do I do?” Online resources with information about identifying as a lesbian, under the following headings. What Does It Mean to Be Lesbian? Am I Normal? What Is It Like to be Young and Lesbian? What about HIV/AIDS? How Do I Learn To Like Myself? Whom Should […]

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LGBT History Month Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) History Month Our sister project has a brand new site full of resources that can be used directly in classes. Each year more resources are added to the web site in relation to that Year’s themes and activities. The site should be seen as a practical repository for […]

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LGBT Youth Scotland

Really useful website containing lesson plans, research and a toolkit that enables teachers to deal with homophobic bullying. The toolkit has been developed by LGBT Youth Scotland, the national youth organisation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) young people in partnership with LTS and funded by the Scottish Government. It is based on research with teachers, […]

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