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SEN: PSHE- ‘This Is How We Say Hello’

This lesson for children with SEN shows appropriate and inappropriate ways to touch people and includes a template social story about touching. Elements could also be used in mainstream EYFS.

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KS2: Science – ‘Animal Dads’

The differentiated objectives for this lesson were devised by using the 2011 National Curriculum attainment targets for Science at Key Stage 2. A lesson examining the many species in the animal kingdom in which the male is the primary caregiver.  Pupils learn how the male seahorse gives birth to the young, (with  link to a […]

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KS1: Citizenship – ‘Same and Different’

As advised by the NC website, we have used the level descriptors, which accompany the new secondary curriculum for Citizenship. The KS1 framework does not include Citizenship attainment targets. These provided a helpful guide to progression and attainment when setting the lesson objectives. For more info on why we use attainment targets in planning see […]

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KS1: PSHE – ‘Love’

We have devised the lesson objectives from the End of Key Stage 1 Statement to help teachers assess progress (see italics in Teaching and Learning Objectives) The lesson looks at love in more than one form e.g.love of a person, a hobby, work, animals etc. Learners are then asked to consider how people show love, […]

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EYFS: Knowledge and Understanding of the World- ‘Colours’

The Learning Objectives for this lesson were set by from the guidance: Early Learning Goals Knowledge and Understanding of the World. This is currently archived content from the Department of Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) site, as the current government is introducing a new curriculum to be implemented in September 2014. Learners in Early Years and Foundation […]

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